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"Please Recycle"

"Please Recycle" Logo
Because only about 30 percent of this “mixed paper” is recycled annually in the United States, EMA hopes to stimulate recycling activity through this campaign and improve the overall recycling/recovery rate for the paper-based communications industry.

EMA has provided a variety of logo options for members to display as frequently and prominently as possible:

  • On envelopes that can be recycled; and/or

  • On packaging, packaging materials, and cartons that they send that can be recycled.

    Members may also display the logo on their website, use it in communications or outreach to business employees and colleagues, schools and other groups in their local communities.

    Click here to download recycle logo user guide (pdf file).

    Click here to view downloadable version of logo.

    Click here to download standard press release to send to businesses and customers in the community.