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The Postal Partner Certification (PPC) designation recognizes the postal knowledge of individuals who meet proficiency requirements through an online examination given in either June or December each year. When the exam is passed, the PPC designation is awarded and the designee will begin receiving information on various postal regulations, as well as receive the bimonthly newsletter. Only EMA member companies are eligible for the Postal Partner Program.

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Training Programs

The EMA recommends that each envelope manufacturing company have a comprehensive approach to employee training. In addition to the current methods and materials already developed by the individual company, the EMA offers training tools that provide valuable information and guidance on the envelope manufacturing process and employee safety. EMA views many of these tools as fundamental, and often critical, steps for your company to take in meeting your employee training goals.

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Virtual Campus

EMA now has its own virtual campus containing educational programs such as the Inspector Operator Training course, Introduction to Envelope Adhesives and the 627 Adjuster Training program. The EMA Virtual Campus is designed to increase skill levels, without incurring the travel, accommodation, and time spent away from the office, expenses typically associated with on-site training.

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COVID-19 Updates

Keep up to date with the latest information on COVID-19 with our comprehensive list of resources and information.

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