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We are the world’s largest association devoted exclusively to sustainable envelope manufacturing and paper-based communications.

The envelopes we manufacture are made with sustainable paper products used every day by millions of people. These products are made from renewable resources and are one of the most recyclable items on the planet.

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We empower paper

Our goal is to ensure there remains a level playing field between electronics and paper-based communications.

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Interact with members from across the globe and collaborate with other industry related organizations.

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Purchase virtual and print resources for your organization.

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Join forces with one of the strongest advocates for paper-based communications.

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Convene with fellow industry leaders of the EMA to discuss the latest industry trends.

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Attend one of two annual meetings, or our bi-annual global conference.

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How we carry out our mission

The core driving components of the EMA

Data collection

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Guaranteed ROI

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Always Online

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Legislation & Regulation

We focus on legislation and regulation to level the playing field and promote growth.

Market Research

We identify market trends using proprietary primary and secondary data.

Content Creation

We generate content through member input.


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The EMA helps hundreds of small and large businesses across the globe

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