2016 Spring Meeting Presentations

2016 Spring Presentations

Direct Mail: Integral to the Marketing Mix
Updated Fri Apr 15 11:04:58 MDT 2016
Barbara Pellow, InfoTrends
Where We've Been...Where We're Going
Updated Fri Apr 15 11:12:08 MDT 2016
Joseph Corbett, USPS Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President
Management & Technical Committee Update
Updated Fri Apr 15 11:15:44 MDT 2016
Bob Tees, Mac Papers Envelope Converters
W+D Easy Enveloper - Special Focus on a New Approach to Operator Training and Support
Updated Fri Apr 15 11:18:47 MDT 2016
Andy Schipke, W+D North America
Current Status of the Trucking Industry
Updated Fri Apr 15 11:23:48 MDT 2016
Pat Thomas, American Trucking Association
Risk Management
Updated Fri Apr 15 11:26:02 MDT 2016
John Brigman, KeenanSuggs Insurance
Keys to Postal Reform: A Business-Labor-USPS Coalition & Private sector best practice
Updated Fri Apr 15 11:28:47 MDT 2016
Jim Sauber, National Association of Letter Carriers
Postal Rates and Operations
Updated Fri Apr 15 11:30:08 MDT 2016
Kurt Ruppel, IWCO Direct
An Update on the National Postal Forum, Compliance, Promotions, and Informed Delivery
Updated Fri Apr 15 11:35:59 MDT 2016
Lon Robinson, Tension Corporation
The North American Market for Envelopes 2016 and Beyond
Updated Fri Apr 15 11:38:02 MDT 2016
Maynard H. Benjamin, EMA